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Privacy Policy

VIA Global Ventures, Inc. (“Via”, “our”, “us” or “we”) provides this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive from users of our website located at (the “Site”) and related software, services, features and content (collectively, the “Via Platform” or the “Platform”). This Privacy Policy applies only to information that you provide to us through the Platform. A user of the Platform or Site, whether as a registered user or a non-registered user just browsing the Site, is hereinafter referred to as a “User,” or collectively, the “Users”.

We are Via a US-based company offering online services for short-term employment opportunities via our website We provide a marketplace connecting professionals to employers for short-term jobs. We enable posting and searching of role vacancies and other employment related opportunities. Hereby we determine and explain the purpose of the processing of the data and the persons to whom communication of the data is permitted, the conditions for communicating the data to third persons and your rights concerning further processing of your personal data.

By joining Via, creating your account and accepting our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, you are giving us your permission to process your personal data pursuant to conditions of this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. In case of any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please kindly contact us

We process (including collect, store, save, distribute, compile, use, make available to, etc.) personal data submitted by you at the sign up and on your account. We do not collect any personal data about you which is made available outside our website.

We collect and process the following personal data: name, date of birth, location, work experience, skills, education, contact information and e-mail address. You do not have to provide any other personal data which is not mentioned in our application forms on our website. Please take into account that some of the personal information may be sensitive personal data and therefore we ask you to think twice before you decide to make it available.We collect and process job seekers’ personal data for the purpose of matching up to employers across the globe forshort term jobs. Upon job seekers’ separate consent we forward data to the employers to enable to decide whether tejob seeker is the one they are looking for. We may also use the personal data such as contact details to resolve anyservice quality issues between us.

We use your personal information to create a profile of you. The profile-making process is not an automated decision which results in legal consequences for you or significantly affects the data about you. As a job seeker you agree that we may assess your skills, experiences, current location or other characteristics and express our preferences to the employers. Upon your separate consent we may provide your profile to an employer even if you are not applying for the vacant position. We may help the employers with pre-selection of possible employees during which we may add to your profile some comments on why we feel that you are the best for this position. However, the final decision is always made by the employer. We do not interview you nor do we conduct any background research. All the data you make available on your account shall be available to potential employers as it is provided by you.If you make your social media profiles available on your Via account, we assure that we do not store, compile or analyze your social media data, unless you have authorized us to do so. We are not processing your social media data and it is your own responsibility to clarify any social media data misuse or misinterpretation.

Personal data is disclosed only to employers who have joined and posted a role on Via. Profile and other personal information is not available to the public and it is not allowed to index the data by search engines such as Google. We are happy to provide you your personal data report. Please contact our support at to request this report.For the purposes of improving your user experience when using Via’s services, some of your personal data is disclosed to web analytic service and applicant tracking system (ATS) software providers. Web analytic service providers analyze your use of the Via web platform and services so we could improve and amend the way our website and platform function. Applicant tracking system is a software application that allows an organization to collect and store candidate and job related data and track and monitor the process of candidates through all stages of the hiring process.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy you therefore also understand and agree that upon disclosing your personal data to web analytic service and ATS software providers, some of your personal data is transferred to and processed outside the United States of America. In case of any question about the transfer of your personal data to web analytic service and ATS software providers, please contact our support at

We will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties or public authorities, except if the person requesting data has a legal basis for doing so pursuant to applicable law.

Only authorized employees of Via have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of resolving issues associated with the use of our services.

Pursuant to applicable law we may transfer, process and store personal data in reputable and sufficient cloud databases that are located outside of California and the United States of America. We reserve ourselves the right to change the cloud service provider at any time without prior notice.

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We only use your e-mail address to send notifications regarding certain actions on your account or to suggest jobs that match your profile. If you no longer wish to receive these job suggestions, please click the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of our e-mail.


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